51-00865 Women Casio Baby G GMDB800-1CR


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Manufacture: GMDB800-1

SKU: 51-00865

Equipped with a pedometer function and a timer for measuring intervals, the GMD-B800 is compact and easy to wear. Equipped with functions that are useful for daily health management and workouts, it is simple and compact so that it fits on slender arms. In terms of functionality, a 3-axis accelerometer measures the number of steps per day and walking/running pace, and the number of steps is displayed on the watch. Bluetooth connectivity connects the watch to your smartphone, allowing you to use the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app to check your daily steps and the number of calories that you’ve burned. Additionally, it supports daily health management by dividing exercise into five levels of intensity based on the number of steps measured and walking/running pace and displaying a graph of the number of steps by exercise intensity.

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