A necklace can say a lot about a person. Dramatic and flashy or simple and sophisticated. No matter what you want the impression of yourself or your significant other to be, we can help you find the perfect match with a dazzling designer necklace.

Our team of jewelers is ready to guide you down the path to the best style for you significant other. We will help you determine if a glitzy necklace is the right fit, or if something more simple would fare better.

We offer a variety of pendant designs and necklace chains for you to choose from, both at our Northfield jewelry store and online.

Whether you think she would prefer something single-toned and more laid back, or something that will put her directly in the spotlight, we have just the thing.

Consult with our expert jewelers today to learn more about our custom jewelry pieces and designer necklaces available. We have more than 40 years of experience under our belts to utilize.

Necklaces are the go-to piece of jewelry for any occasion. They are a classic choice that are always loved and appreciated. You’ll want to consider the following when going to pick out a necklace:

  • Face Shape
  • Body Features
  • Matching the necklace to an outfit
  • Drawing attention, wanting and unwanted
  • What kind of impression you, or the one you are buying for will be making (fun-loving, down to earth, classically elegant)

Check out our necklace designs that are simple, bold, or elegant, depending on what look is preferred and what look you want. Stop by or contact Northfield’s most trusted jeweler today.